Traditional Oriental Medicine for a Healthy Body and a Balanced Life.


Three Harmonies Acupuncture Clinic specializes in the treatment of chronic pain, women’s health (including obstetrics), stress related disorders, sport’s injuries, digestive complaints, and problems related to aging. We are among the best trained and most experienced acupuncturists in the Rogue Valley, with over 25 years of clinical practice each.

Here at Three Harmonies we offer a different

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approach to healing. Relieving symptoms of pain, insomnia, depression and digestive discomfort, etc, is of course important and acupuncture in particular is unsurpassed for treating these conditions. But health is far more than just the absence of pain and we are not divided up into separate parts.  Holistic health means looking at the big picture…  We provide you with a clear, understandable diagnosis of the patterns of imbalance which have led to your present health challenges and design a treatment  plan for your specific needs. Our goal is to guide your body-mind-spirit back to its natural state of balance, which in practical terms means vibrant good health.  We are trained and competent in a wide variety of therapeutic methods including acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutrition and self-care education, therapeutic massage, counseling and stress reduction training to help you achieve this goal.

These days there are many practitioners of  acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine to choose from. Most people rely on the recommendation of a friend  or get a referral from another health care professional. But if you have found this web-site because you are searching for help with a medical problem and don’t  know whom to trust, we invite you to investigate our services and call us for a free consultation.

What we  can offer you:

  • High quality, effective treatments and high professional standards.  This translates into results you can count on. We are the best trained and most experienced Chinese medical practitioners in Southern Oregon.
  • Our full attention and quality time. First visits are from 75 minutes to 2 hours of fully individualized attention. We thoroughly review your health history and current health issues and develop a treatment plan to restore your body/mind to balance and abundant vitality.
  • Compassionate support. We are always  available to answer questions and concerns and offer support through your healing
  • Referrals to other holistic-minded practitioners and high quality medical care. We are comfortable and happy to  work in a collaborative way  with your current doctors and  other health practitioners to provide you with the best care. When appropriate, we also make referrals to our network of trusted professionals who can provide extra support for your optimal health.
  • We provide a source for well-researched nutritional supplements, many only available to health professionals,  and Chinese herbal products at less-than-retail prices.  Products can be ordered on line or picked up at our clinic.
  • Three Harmonies is dedicated to providing educational resources to our clients in the form of classes, links to well-researched articles and web-sites on health related topics and articles written by us on health issues and archived at this site.